Mobile Application Development

Today mobile application development majorly android application development and ios application development has become a part of every larger website, every top website today has their own mobile apps, since mobile users has evolved in last couple of years it has become a trend to have their own android app and ios app.

We at Prabha Info Solutions, build mobile apps both android apps and ios apps at ease, since we build a platform independent mobile apps with the help of ionic framework which supports angular and cordova our apps will support android, ios with ease.

Our team has right balance of creativity and experience, which makes us to be in sync with current trends and follow them, at the same time we follow the right security measures, by which it is assured that our client will get a best mobile app be it android mobile application or ios application.

Our approach to build a mobile application development..?

  • Study the competitor carefully.
  • Design all mobile apps layout which are in line with the current trends.
  • Create a great user experience for your mobile app.
  • Take an approval for the mobile app design from client.
  • Build a robust admin code for your mobile app.
  • Deploy your mobile app to respective mobile app platform.

How to market a mobile application..?

According to a ABI research* survey, there are totally 56 billion mobile apps are there in the market store, this might be a astonishing output, but this is truth, but a common mobile user uses hardly know 100 to 200 mobile apps and out of them he/she uses 10 to 20 mobile apps for his daily use, so to survive out of this huge mobile app market, we need to have strategy built even before we start building a mobile app, so to market a mobile app there are several steps to follow, which are as follows.

  • Know your area to market..?
  • Have a fixed budget to cater
  • Plan your priorities for delivery of the product ordered
  • Provide discount only for your mobile app users
  • Offer a free product for the mobile app install