SEO - Search Engine Optimization

seo – Search Engine Optimization is one the most complicated subject in Web industry since search engine optimization do not have any formula or a book or a defined path to follow to achieve success, lot of best search engine optimization companies fail to deliver the expected results.

Today having a website is as easy as buying a chocolate, but making that website visible to the world on google search results is as difficult task to accomplish.

I will give you a real world scenario of one of our client to make you understand how search engine optimization works.

One of our interior designing company client called us and told they want to opt for a search engine optimization services from us, we were pretty happy to take up the job and started working with them, when we started their website was not doing well in google search results, I told him to bring your website on first page of google across the world will take at least one year from the word go, and 3 months in your local area, he was really amused by my answer, then I explained him that there are already more than 1 crore results are appearing in google when we type interior designing company, we have to work till we beat all of them, so it is going to take time to study all these 1 crore people and find their mistakes and beat them.

Our seo – Search Engine Optimization strategy.

  • Optimizing your site to meet the Search Engine optimization needs.
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • On page optimization
  • off page optimization
  • competitor analysis
  • Strict no to “keyword stuffing”
  • weekly progress report through excel sheets
  • Content creation and optimization

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